4 thoughts on “Squid Dumplings

  1. Looks bucolic. Canoeing seems such a rustic and wonderful pastime – there is no other boat shape so beautiful as a canoe. Begs for a picnic, some hand trailing, book reading and general messing about.
    Lovely (~:

    • Yes, we usually bring a bottle of beer to enjoy. Sad that this was the only canoe adventure this summer—too many things to do…

      It is peaceful, calming, just floating and looking around. I like taking pictures though I’m not a photographer who plans what an image will be. It’s a matter of synchronicity: what I see, what the camera captures sometimes reveals what I was not aware of at the time.

  2. Tessie, You’re too honest. A good yarn spinner would have had your subscribers believing that we scooped those squiddies out of the river into the canoe, or maybe that we had that trained heron catch them and drop them in your basket.

    • Dunno, but maybe there would be some culinary use for the slimy weeds that grow in the shallow slow part of the river at the Gallup Park dock? Want to experiment?

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