Sweet New Year 5772

L’Shanah Tovah Sweet and best wishes for this new year.

The year passed with many times to remember…

So many changes: some very happy, some not.

My husband and I moved into a new house.

My father, after long-time incapacitation, died unexpectedly. My siblings had planned that very weekend for a visit with him, but ultimately that time together (by coincidence) called us most certainly to re-acquaint ourselves with each other after some decades spending our adult lives separately.

Mr. Tess and I spent time at the end of June with one brother, staying at his gorgeous home and swimming in his amazing pool. A truly beautiful visit getting to know my brother and his wife.

And then all of us siblings rented a cottage at the end of July on Lake Superior where our parents owned their house. Even better, our children were able to join us, one of the rare occasions when the cousins have had an opportunity to be together. We had an interment ceremony for our parents there, and chose mementos from the house.

The picture at the top reminds me of visiting our daughter a few years ago when she lived in Spain. North of Barcelona, we stopped at one of many of the small wooden booths selling wine on the edge of the cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean. It was windy, and I stayed in the car with my broken ankle, thinking the wind would blow me and the car and all into the ocean.

There, in the U.P. where I grew up, I felt a surprisingly similar off-balance effect. Looking across the road, however, was a bucolic view.


9 thoughts on “Sweet New Year 5772

  1. Happy Rosh Hashashona to Mr Tess and you and all the Tesselations! Seems right to start a new year with the sweetness of honey.

    Hey your two blogs have got married and moved here! Lovely because I missed seeing the other one – love the kitchen but love the other bookish and gardening rooms too.

  2. Honey and challah and savoring the sweetness of another year to be. The tradition is that one considers the past (sins, shortcomings, and the future) during the next holiday, Yom Kippur. Perhaps I’m getting ahead of myself with this post.

    I changed the other blog to private for a while, but it is public again—.
    As I said, this year has been tumultuous. It’s not updated since our trip up north during the end of July, beginning of August…

    Can you access the BBC? If so, then you might be interested in this:
    Broadcast on BBC Radio 4 Extra, 3:00AM Fri, 30 Sep 2011
    Available until 3:47AM Fri, 7 Oct 2011
    Not like the Moomin books, but an honest sketch of a family? Or a relationship I’d have liked to have had with my own grandmother…

  3. Wow thank-you for that link! I love The Summer Book. I read it as a teenager and then again as an adult – but how lovely to have it read aloud. More of her writing is being translated in English these days. If you like this book you might like The Winter Book too.

  4. Doubtless your perspicacious readers will observe from the signs on the wine and honey stall up on the cliff that we were way north of Barcelona, still in France.

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