Spread a Bit Thick

In April 1984, a 115g jar of vegemite became the first product in Australia
to be electronically scanned at a checkout.

A friend in Australia sent me an amazing gift package which included a jar of Vegemite. There was some discussion on past posts here about whether I would like it or not. When or if I can find it here in the U.S. it is very expensive, but because of this lovely present I will most certainly pay the price: I love it!

According to Wikipedoa, the most common method of eating Vegemite is on toasted bread with one layer of butter or margarine before spreading a thin layer of Vegemite. A Vegemite sandwich may consist of two slices of buttered bread, Vegemite and cheese, but other ingredients such as lettuce, avocado and tomato can be added as well.

As you can see, we spread the Vegemite quite thickly on our toast. There was plenty to scrape off for a second slice of toast. The theory that if a little is good, then more is better proving false in this case. Not being a native Vegemite consumer, I did enjoy having the two kinds of toast at one meal: cream cheese with pimento stuffed green olives, and butter with Vegemite, both on good semolina bread. The one being light and sour, the other dark(bitter?) and salty making a party in the mouth. Cut into little squares, sans crust, and speared with toothpicks, the combo would make for an interesting tray of hors d’oeuvres.

7 thoughts on “Spread a Bit Thick

  1. Oh Tess you have even made vegemite toast look elegant and I love that you like it. (-: Also that you know that it was the first supermarket item to be scanned here. They have just introduced self scan check-outs in Melbourne. Soon we will all be scanning our jars of vegemite ourselves.

    • Oh my, that little tidbit about the scanning was from Wikipedia. I did not mean to mislead…

      You don’t have to scan your own groceries in Australia?

      Gosh, the big grocery stores around here have 20 self-scan check outs, plus more “12 items or fewer” express “self-scan” checkouts. It’s been like that for 6 or 7 years. :-(

  2. Hi Tess,

    Given your tastes, I think it was pretty inevitable that you’d like Vegemite. If it’s horribly expensive, though I can’t imagine why, check out Marmite, a very similar product from here in Britain, which might be priced more sensibly.

    Either of them are brilliant in a peanut butter and alfalfa sandwich – butter both slices, peanut butter on the bottom slice, Vegemite/Marmite on the top slice – as much alfalfa as you like in the middle. Unlike toast, you can spread it a tad more thickly here.

    And on the subject of strong flavours, The Gentleman’s Relish, aka Patum Peperium, is brilliant, thinly scraped onto hot, buttered, toast.

    • Expensive because there is not a huge demand for it here, an imported speciality product. Marmite is not cheap here either, though from what I’ve learned it is similar to Vegemite. Marmite is on the shelves of lots of stores here.

      Now I will have to Google your “The Gentleman’s Relish!”

      Peanut butter and alfalfa with Vegemite sammys sound pretty good!

  3. ‘course everybody will know that those huge bites were not taken by the dainty Tess, but her hungry husband.

    • Tess now you have honorary Aussie citizenship you will need to call all sandwiches, “sangers”.
      Also there is a jingle:
      We’re happy little Vegemites
      As bright as bright can be.
      We all enjoy our Vegemite
      For breakfast, lunch, and tea.
      Our mummies say we’re growing stronger
      Every single week,
      Because we love our Vegemite
      We all adore our Vegemite
      It puts a rose in every cheek.

      How it puts a rose in your cheek, I’m not sure – maybe the vitamin B12?

      Mr Tess – your hunger is taken as a compliment!
      Ron – I’m sorry but Marmite just isn’t Vegemite…

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