Thanksgiving 2011

Mr. Tess and I enjoyed Thanksgiving this year with my siblings at my brother’s house in Missouri. Lots of food, lots of family, lots of relaxation and fun.

My brother took us each for a tour of the wooded valleys and ridges behind his house on his 6-wheeler: that vehicle seems to defy the laws of physics and gravity as it moves up and down through woods, rocks, fallen limbs, and gullies. I was white-knuckled even on the relatively flat front yard when he was allowing me to get used to hanging on to the “oh shit” bar. It has no windshield or doors, and the seat-belts, though the same as one would use in a car, seemed too small and flimsy.

But it was a perfect blue sky sunny day, and with the leaves fallen we could see very far. We saw a group of 7deer. My husband saw a flock of wild turkeys.

As I said, the weather was amazing. We could sit on the verandas, in the sun (65°F!!!) and contemplate the subtle colors of late autumn. The wind chimes were going crazy at times so this video does not quite capture the peaceful nature of the experience.


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