Autumn Chicken and Chestnuts


7 thoughts on “Autumn Chicken and Chestnuts

    • I brought leftovers for lunch at work and everyone kept saying how good it smelled. Wish there had been enough to share—I’ll have to make it again, ’cause I know my friends would enjoy.

  1. Hi Tess, I followed your blog from the forum. This dish looks delicious! I really like how you have added the photo and the song of Ella and Louis… I can imagine having it playing in the kitchen while trying out your recipe. Very nice combo!

    I hope you have a lovely Christmas/Holiday season ahead of you.

    All the best – Mús

    • Hi Mús!
      At this time of year it is especially nice not to hear the same Christmas music over and over. LOL. They started playing it in stores here right after Halloween…

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