Chicken Salad re-make // toilet paper rant

At work the other day (in a sort of not-for-profit re-sale shop) we were looking at a “scrap-booking charm” someone had donated. My co-worker asked, “Is that a roll of toilet paper?” Yes: there in a miniature reproduction made of plastic, was a roll of toilet tissue mounted in a tiny faux ceramic holder! We wondered why anyone would want to put such a thing into an embellished to-be-remembered-forever scrap-book page. What sort of pictures would you want to commemorate with a roll of toilet paper?
Then I thought about our recent road trips and recalled the various kinds of toilet paper we encountered at public “rest stops.” Some were almost normal, if a bit crunchy and non-absorbant. Some were so thin than one could see through them. Others were both transparent and only 2½ inches wide. How does one use such stuff?
Yes, the role of toilet paper (pun intended) in our society is a valid topic of consideration. Have you noticed that toilet paper rolls really are narrower than they used to be? Depending on the sort of dispenser you have in your bathroom some are too narrow to use anymore.
Ah. but this is a food blog, so enough about TP…
But… well, just read on:
Have you noticed that at the same time chicken breasts are getting larger even HUGE?
My last post about spicy sesame noodles asked for 3 chicken breasts to be elegantly poached and served over a lovely Japanese version of sesame noodles with seasonal vegetables and noodles meant to serve 4. But the three skinless boneless breasts weighed 1½ pounds. That is really a LOT (too much) of chicken per person when it is served with the lovely vegetables and noodles!
So I poached 3 chicken breast as called for in the previous recipe but once they were cooked, I knew there was far too much chicken for the recipe. As you see, I did not let the third breast go to the bad: It was delightfully used in a pasta salad with the extra cucumbers, red peppers, snow peas and green onions. I added some chopped green salad olives, the sort stuffed with pimentos, and very inexpensive in grocery stores in the U.S. I cooked up a good dose of shell-shaped pasta and tossed the lot with a bit of bottled vinegrete dressing.
Voila: a quick easy and tasty meal.

10 thoughts on “Chicken Salad re-make // toilet paper rant

  1. Tess in my childhood there were still plenty of outside loos. The “night man” came discreetly after dark to take away the “night soil” for those with septic tanks and toilet paper was various – tissue paper, brown paper, something that felt like sandpaper and sometimes even homemade – that is squares of newspaper. The more frightening aspect of outside toilets though was spiders – sometimes big huntsmen. I guess they used the outside light for insect catching. The first house my husband Mark and I lived in together in the 1990’s had an outside toilet and the neighbour used to pop up over the fence in the morning when she heard the door slam….for a chat. Oh I do love an indoor bathroom and plenty of soft paper.
    BTW chicken salad – yum!

  2. Caroline, you stinker! you started a blog w/o telling me! on Blogger no less! (wp is so much better…LOL), but even so! You are amazing! I was too shy to comment today, but oh, the poor little brown bird, unknown but now remembered.

    Yes, we had a septic tank while I was in elementary school so I can remember my dad telling us to use only 3 squares of tp for the business. Oops. he’d be out in the field digging to unclog stuff… Truly, I did not understand back then.

    I don’t want to even google “huntsmen” for fear or spiders.

    I do love indoor bathrooms, and here we have two. I choose according to which books are available in each. With 2, I don’t have to be interrupted in my reading.

    Oh, and yes, this is a food blog so I’m glad you noticed the chicken salad in this post…

    <3 to you!

  3. Tess my blog is so rudimentary as to be embarassing. I think I thought I would get the hang of blogging and THEN tell people. As to blogger it looked easier for someone who knows not a single zero or one of code. Yet still I have trouble with the very basics…maybe I should have plumped for wordpress.

    But I love your blog for being food, for being Japanese food but so very much more.

    • I only found it because someone clicked on my blog from your blogroll and I happened to look at my stats.

      (BTW, you don’t need to know code to use WordPress! I do, but it’s not necessary—it was/is sort of a hobby for me. The support forums here are fabulous too. I know because I volunteer there. Lovely group of people…)

  4. Hi tess! thisthread is showing 17 posts but the last poster is endycool not me. This also happened on another thread. I thought it to be a cache problem but after clearing cache it’s still here.
    Will you fix it for me as a moderator.

    • Huh? there is a picture at the top…
      Oh! you mean the tp?
      I did save samples, thinking to actually photograph and blog about them, but they got lost.

      Remember the story about Kit buying container after container of sour cream because G. kept writing SC on her grocery list?
      sour cream
      shaving cream

      I guess tp is not so vague:
      that should be on our list.

  5. Hi Tess everything seems to be right now with my blog.
    Will you remove all these comments from here? As they are not making any sense here.

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