New Kitchen!

I’ve been cooking up a new look for Tess’s Japanese Kitchen, and it will continue to be a work in progress. The pretty picture on top is only the beginning; you can find a complete list of all my posts and recipes from the menu up there as well, most of them include thumbnail pictures to inspire you. I’m planning to update the other pages as well, more essential recipes, more essential ingredients, and of course more cooking, new recipes, and old favorites. What do you think?


14 thoughts on “New Kitchen!

  1. I think Mikey is gorgeous! He looks like a wild version of my Mala, Mala looks a bit more like a lady, of course she is, but she’s wild of heart… at heart? Sorting the harddisk and all pictures ever made :s so will “show” you a pic soon.

    Something’s not right with the layout here..when I pass the mouse over the screen I see more pics, initially I see only 1 pic… I’m using Mozilla, is it my browser?

    Regarding your new look; yes love the pic up. Besides that; I think something minimalistically Japanese will suit you, but they way the site is starting to look like right now, you figured that out yourself already ;)

    I love that now your recipes can be more easily found. I don’t have so many recipes on my blog (yet), but I was planning to do something like that too. I don’t even have any idea if I can even change my theme, quite bored of it already ;)

  2. Wild at heart? Mikey can be a bully to the other two cats, but he’s very shy when meeting new people or finding himself in a new environment. He’s a sweet-heart once he gets comfortable with you, and loves affection, petting, purring, being talked to (he answers in multisyllabic words), and eating my sweet potato vine.

    He does look beautiful in pictures—no long scruffy fur to be constantly brushing off the furniture! When his fur gets so matted we get him a lion-cut and he even looks elegant.

  3. As for seeing more pics, that is one of the things I’m experimenting with, html wise. I’m still not certain it works with Explorer browsers… but it should be working in FireFox (Mozilla).

    You should see 2 thumbnails in a row, as well as 4 more thumbnails in a row. When you hover your cursor over each of the upper two, you should see a different but related picture “pop” up. If you hover over the lower four, you should see a larger version pop up.


    On WordPress, it’s technically simple to change themes. You can preview before you activate, or better yet get a second blog especially for experimenting with. Being active in the Support Forums means that I have several test blogs so I can change themes in order to answer questions people write in with—lots of problems/questions folks have are related specifically to the theme they are using.

    Before I changed my real blog, I exported the posts to a test blog and got things (mostly) set up. The goal was to have more posts visible on the front page, and this theme does that. I’m hoping it will encourage people to look at more posts. So thank you for the feedback.

    A friend pointed out that the borders on my excerpts are distracting and the dark red highlight is too strong. Also my header is blurry (broke my camera so I have to get a new one) and I didn’t put my blog title up there. Husband says it’s hard to tell which is the latest post. All constructive criticism…

    Suburbia might be a better fit: it displays a nice clean tiling of posts… Technically easy to change themes, but difficult to decide.

    • Technically simple? I had to re-read your text up here for 3 days to try to slightly understand what you mean. I wouldn’t even know how to copy my posts to a back up blog. I’m totally unhappy with my theme & want a header (but first a logo) too. There’s absolutely no overview aaargh! Don´t understand why so many people read what i write, it still surprises me. Your blog is getting prettier every day!

      • Of course people read your blog because it is interesting.

        There are lots of themes with headers (though this one comes with a tiny logo-like header). I was looking for one which displays lots of posts on the front page. As for copying your blog, the export and import tools are easy to use… When you decide to change, I’m sure we could arrange a Google chat to talk you through it all.

        There’s absolutely no overview aaargh!

        You can see how themes work here:
        Or preview how your content will look here: (just don’t press “activate!”)
        dashboard—>appearance—>themes—> use the filter for themes with headers to preview…
        Hope that helps…

  4. I opened the new post in Safari and couldn’t see the most of the photos, although when I moved the cursor some of them flashed on and off. Same thing in Chrome, but Firefox seems to work. How did you get the cats to make up the bed?

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