Shiso: so she ended, the summer

Summer’s end.…from anticipation in May,
temptation in late June to early July,
satisfaction in August,
suspecting the transitory state of life in September,realizing in October that it’s time to turn the heat on!This post is only the (pictorial) progress of a couple of shiso plants in one summer. has a new “gallery” format. See what you think of the “mosaic tiling.” Hover over individual photos to see a caption. Click on one and you can see a carousel of the pictures from a previous post. Most of the pictures include a brief description.

September and October



May and early June


One thought on “Shiso: so she ended, the summer

  1. Love this pictorial. It’s good to chronicle/pay attention to the humble things. What a life your shiso had! But I bet “she so” enjoyed your garden. Have you read Michael Pollan’s Botany of Desire, Tess? His thesis that many plants have domesticated us…

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