Nom Nom Philadelphia Visit

Looking for a great bowl of ramen?
If you are in Philadelphia, then find Nom Nom Ramen in Rittenhouse Square!

My husband was working near Philly from mid September through early November, and a great reason for me to visit was the news of this restaurant serving delicious ramen.
Okay, there were other reasons for me braving the airplane flight for a visit.

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10 thoughts on “Nom Nom Philadelphia Visit

    • I’ve made steamed Chinese buns sort of like that. soft pillow-y home-y comfort. Wouldn’t it be fun to make the ones like those in that restaurant? They were so mmmm…

      As for the spider, I made this for work with black cardboard rings and paperclips. I hate spiders but these were really impressive for Halloween:
      spider decoration tubes and paperclips

      About thirty years ago our church sponsored some “boat people” from Vietnam: remember the “end” of that war? But the family was from North Vietnam. We spent time with them speaking English. The kids learned quickly (mostly at school), but it was great to show the moms how to make American pizza and get laughed at in a language I couldn’t understand when they tried to teach me how to make a Vietnamese pickled cabbage. I tried to pronounce the names of the ingredients as the said and all I heard was uproarious laughter.

      At any rate, I’m sure you wonder why I bring this up. It’s the spider association.

      One of the men was a shrimp fisherman back home. He went sometimes to New Orleans to get shrimp from the Gulf of Mexico (where they had family connections from Vietnam). The family invited us for dinners sometimes, and one dinner featured the shrimp he brought back. The women made some amazing shrimp dishes! But I commented that the provider of the feast was not eating any of the marvelous shrimp. He said in some sort of translation, that because of his long time working with shrimp they were too much like insects for eating.

  1. Thanks for posting this! I was looking for a ramen shop near me without having to travel to NYC or from what I heard a really good one in Boston.

  2. Good looking ramen. We’re you able to finish the bowl? I can never get to the bottom of one of those deep dishes – delicious as they are. Enjoy your rendezvous with Mr Tess.

    • We did enjoy the ramen. LOL but was it as good as mine? mmmm, yeah.
      Had a fine time with Mr. Tess. Got to see all the important sites in Philly: this ramen shop and Wegmans. I love grocery stores in new cities.

  3. He now resides in my “household” closet with the vacuum cleaners, extra paper towels, paper bags for trash, old CDs of computer files, tape, glue, staplers, and other office supplies. Open that door, and he/she is the first thing you see.

    I’ve been re-reading The Hobbit and this little guy is much more passive.

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