Chanukah Noodles

If I didn’t post, does it mean it didn’t happen? Having my daughter back in Michigan has been fun. She found these unusual pasta shapes for Chanukah 2012 and we ate them as a variation of mac ‘n’ cheese with fried zucchini pancakes. I’m writing this now in September 2013 and I had forgotten about these interesting noodles.

I’m on a memory and time tangent because I haven’t posted very often in about a year. Something interesting I found were a bunch of photos which have the same numbers as the Chanukah Noodle pictures above. Just coincidence, but the variety is curious. Canon numbers its images with 4 digits; when I transfer the photos to my laptop I erase them from the memory card. The camera keeps adding numbers to the next batch of photos. As a result there are pictures, in various files, with the same numbers. Of course I delete pictures which are out of focus, dark, burned out and so on from my laptop. If I don’t save them, does that mean the poor pictures didn’t exist? Is so, then does that mean I’m an excellent photographer with no bad pictures in my portfolio??

2 thoughts on “Chanukah Noodles

    • No, I’d never seen them before either.

      I wonder if pasta manufacturers just get crazy-creative with new dies to make artistic shapes to relieve boredom? Extruding strings of various sizes, tubes big or little—that’s got to get “old” pretty quick!

      Or it might be marketing strategy: The University of Michigan football season has already started here and college football is a big industry, so we can now find pasta in the shapes of footballs and the trademarked UofM “M’s” in this area.

      My husband says pasta is just dried flour, but the shapes do make a difference in terms of which sauce you are preparing.

      Fiori, the flower shapes and “wagon wheels” (I don’t know the Italian name) are similar and sort of traditional. They work very nicely in soups, or medium thin sauces because the liquid gets trapped in the spaces of the pasta.

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