Swizzle Grapes

A cold drink on a hot summer’s day is poetry on the tongue. Enjoyed solitary, or with a convivial group, a cup of icy minty tea, a tall glass of lemonade with lime, a mug of chilled Korean honeyed fruit tea, a tumbler of white grape juice, or a favorite cocktail is a small pleasure of summer.

When you put ice into a drink, it will melt and dilute the beverage unless you’re quick about drinking it. While a chip of ice in your mouth can be pleasurable, why not enjoy a frosty bit of something delicious? Skewer some seedless grapes, pop them in the freezer et voilá: a pretty edible swizzle stick!

For a party presentation:

Somehow, boring story, I had acquired an artificial apple and a glittered fake pear. I keep a lovely bowl with fresh fruit and vegetables on the kitchen counter, ready to eat or cook with. Simple honestly useful decorations suit me so the question became what to do with the artful fruit replicas. I drilled into them to insert skewers as a showy way to serve appetizers, small candies, or these fun and tasty swizzle sticks.

The fake fruit was made with styrofoam so it had little beads of plastic which break away when poked. No one would want to eat those, so I inserted straws to hold the skewer or toothpick treats. The first time we used them, I realized that the fake apple would fall over unless guests strategically chose skewers to maintain balance. Better to glue the fake fruit to a plate, even a paper plate so it stays upright…

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