faux stained glass Christmas decorations made with tissue paper and glue

through the looking glass

‘I don’t understand you,’ said Alice. ‘It’s dreadfully confusing!’
‘That’s the effect of living backwards,’ the Queen said kindly: ‘it always makes one a little giddy at first —’
‘Living backwards!’ Alice repeated in great astonishment. ‘I never heard of such a thing!’
‘— but there’s one great advantage in it, that one’s memory works both ways.’
‘I’m sure mine only works one way,’ Alice remarked. ‘I can’t remember things before they happen.’
‘It’s a poor sort of memory that only works backwards,’ the Queen remarked.

Through the Looking Glass, by Lewis Carroll

Looking at this picture of the mirror over the mantle is disconcerting. The silhouette of the flamingo plant stand in the window is in the wrong place, as are the puppets on the cornice and the Japanese-style paper lantern! The symmetry of the torchiere lamps looks normal but contributes to the effect that my living room has been dis-arranged.

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