faux stained glass Christmas decorations made with tissue paper and glue

note trellis on right

The faded 1979 birds and angels, re-discovered and are now displayed for the holidays this 2012 Christmas, the first time I’ve decorated for the holidays in more than a decade.

Notice the trellis on the right side of the picture. That was a sketch for a geometric sculpture I’d like to make someday. As a trellis for scarlet trumpet vines and morning glory vines, it was not effective. The plants in the window box just refused to thrive. I think a trellis for those plants needs to be more like a net than a column. But the dead leaves and vines along the top does make the night window display look a bit like a watercolor painting. The blob-like shadow at the bottom is the pair of ferns in pots which I keep in the brief winter western sun in the dining room.

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