faux stained glass Christmas decorations made with tissue paper and glue

33 year old display re-discovered

My winter 1979 holiday display did win the first prize $100 from the management of the apartment complex where we lived.

I cannot find any pictures I took of it at the time, and it was not quite like this version.

The places we moved to after our first after-child apartment did not have big windows so these decorations were rolled up and stored for many years. I’d forgotten where they were until recently. There is still a lot of stuff in our old house, which is still a mess and not ready to sell except to a crazy person. My first inclination was to throw them into the trash: the paper is very faded and fragile and it was something I’d made in a different lifetime decades ago. But Mr. Tess said, “NO!” Our daughter saw them and said we should put them on display this year.

The big living-room window back then and there had vertical divisions. The window in our current house is an amazing full double pane of glass. I’ve made a sort of shoji screen set of curtains (thanks Ikea!) so we don’t appear to be “on stage” at night passing traffic. The panels are moved to different positions so the display background is variable. So this display is only reminiscent of symmetry.

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