Yakitori text as grapics

This is a fun website to play with if you enjoy text as graphics. These are words found in many of my posts about yakitori. The site allows you to paste text, it analyzes it, then displays it as a graphic. You have several options for displaying the text analysis: concept cloud, concept web, or correlation wheel; font faces and colors, and more. There is a 5000 word minimum…

The Best Yakitori Sauce

yakitori-chicken_3097This is a basic sauce (tare) can be used all summer for grilling chicken. Yakitori is usually chicken on skewers: yaki=grilling and tori=chicken.

This basic sauce can be used for more than yakitori. Use portions of the sauce to grill: chicken, pork, fish, or just about anything you can cook over charcoal, food you cook on skewers, or not!

Add some orange juice, honey, fruit preserves, spices, and voila: teriyaki sauce.

Yakitori: Negima—chicken and onion skewers


Summertime, and the winter myth we told the cats—that there is no outdoors—is unmasked. They are surprised with a refrain of unreasoning summer breezes, light, and scents.

They are old cats used to going outside. I resolved to keep them safe indoors, safe from the busy corner traffic and the neighbors’ unleashed dogs.

But Sula can twist Mr. Tess around her little paw. She cries and stares at the door so he feels sorry for her. First I agreed to let him take her out with a leash, but she likes to thread around bushes and soon became tangled. Because he was busy in the haphazardly fenced garden he removed the leash. So now he lets her outside whenever he’s out to keep an eye on her.

They are old cats who never wandered far. Only Sula has been indulged, but how long before the others? Probably it’s okay.

I prepared chicken and onion skewers in the kitchen while Mr. Tess set up the hibachi on the patio. If you look closely at some of the pictures you can see Sula waiting for an opportunity to follow her favorite person outside. She is even watching him as he works the grill in the dark.

Tare: Basic Recipe for Teriyaki and Yakitori Grilling Sauce


Grilling season has officially begun; I made my annual batch of tare (the base for teriyaki or yakitori sauce) using the recipe in Hiroko Shimbo’s book The Japanese Kitchen.
The glossy-sauce for skewered chicken is made by cooking mirin, sake, sugar, and shoyu until it is thick and shiny. In Ms. Shimbo’s version, chicken drumettes are included and simmered to make the tare especially flavorful right from the beginning.
We enjoy the soy-cooked wings when the sauce is first cooked.

Yakitori: Sasami no Ume-shiso


Here we are freezing, then hot.
The common element these days is wind, which rocks the trees vigorously with their new leaf-sails. The violence climaxes with a thunderstorm in the darkest part of night, waking me from sleep. Lightening explodes; then count, count, count, to know how far away is the storm. I contemplate that odd dream when the storm woke me. I scrutinize the details of the dream, which become clearer as I recall ever-more minute detail, until I am back in the dream. In the morning, I remember the dream. I know it was emotionally intense, but why, what happened? I know how the storm began, but not how it ended…

A Basic Recipe: Yakitori Basting Sauce

This is another post about yakitori sauce. If I’d been wise and efficient, I would have frozen the sauce I had made last spring (in the fall when the weather got too cold to grill outside) because the more you use and re-use this sauce, the better it gets. Regular readers: I’ll be updating and…

Yakitori: Negima

don't grill in the darkYaki (grill) tori (chicken): Negi (onion) ma. This is a popular yakitori dish for good reason! It’s not difficult to make and it is delicious.
Two grilling tips:
• a metal bread pan is good for heating the yakitori sauce on the grill, and it’s easy to dip the chicken into the sauce. Just dip and shake!
• don’t grill in the dark. Being tired and hungry does not make a happy cook.

Yakitori Chicken Dumplings

Yakitori Chicken DumplingsThe idea of going to a yakitori restaurant in Japan and ordering a cold beer with a variety of yakitori-ya appeals to me. Have a skewer with some of these grilled chicken meatballs, a couple of grilled wings, a few nibbles of dark chicken meat and negi, a little taste of the livers, and some crispy skin; it looks like a fun way to enjoy Japanese food. Eating yakitori at home, especially when there are only two of us, means dispensing with the variety. Never mind, these chicken dumplings were both easy to make and delicious!