Egg Drop and Salmon Nabeyaki Udon
Nabemono, Japanese hot-pot meals are comfortable and warming meals. The calendar says “spring” so the weather is eccentric. One can go to bed at the end of a sunny 60° day only to wake up to grey clouds, rain, and freezing wind. The grilled meal planned the day before no longer makes sense!

Udon with Niboshi Kakejiru
I am on my own for the weekend and noodles are perfect when dinner is for one. I’ve never tried the niboshi dashi before, so using it to make kakejiru (broth for hot noodles) was a fine start. I made udon with tofu, green onions, and just because they looked so pretty in the store, some cherry tomatoes.

Mushrooms, Noodles, Love, and Kisses
The best parts of a conversation:
…The long soaking makes them a luxuriously plump and yielding product not unlike softly biting into a person’s lip. They have a smoky pungency…

…Does that umami taste/flavor/sensation (??) make you just sort of click your tongue?…

…Click, click!…

…I like those things but have no click click kiss kiss sort of reaction or longing…

…“tongue desire” part may be a bit of artistic ‘over-exaggeration’…

…Even the act of eating long noodles or spaghetti involves sort of kiss-shaped lips to eat them.…

Kimchi Udon
As often happens, I was sidetracked
    by noticing something I was not looking for.

Home cooks take some thing from here, another from there, adapting a dish to suit specific tastes… a loving evolution of adding and changing, and making food that is delicious especially for the diner!
Not in a million years would I have thought of combining kimchi and udon. But you know, it is a delicious combination!

Playing with Food


If you read many cooking blogs, you’ve seen pictures of food that look as though the photographer were in a galley of a small boat in a violent storm. I imagine the plate sliding up one side, down, and over in the opposite direction; oh, my stomach is queasy. It’s possible that no one will enjoy that food before it slides off the plate! All for the sake of “~art~”

These chilled noodles were light and refreshing,
and I’m sure you will enjoy…
eating them, and
my forray into ~art~

Seared Steak in Citrus Soy Marinade

Japanese Steak in Citrus Soy SauceTo accompany the marinated mushrooms and cucumbers in spicy soy sauce, I made this interesting beef recipe from the Easy Japanese Pickling book. I’ll admit that this menu does not follow washoku tradition of using a variety of cooking methods since the meat and vegetables were all marinated, but there was indeed plenty of color: red, brown, green, white, and yellow. And there was a variety of flavors and textures.