Information ☆

Below are some pages you might find helpful for learning about Japanese cooking at home.

My Japanese Cookbook Project
I’m slowly cooking my way through Hiroko Shimbo’s The Japanese Kitchen.

Essential Ingredients
The ingredients for Japanese cooking can be confusing, difficult to find, or mysterious if you live outside of Japan. But they are always interesting—even if you make a mistake! I’ve put some pictures of ingredients I’ve used on this page.

Essential Recipes
There are some recipes for cooking Japanese food that you’ll use over and over again.

Recipes by Cooking Method
This page is an index of the recipes I’ve prepared. Most recipes are from my project book, but some are my own or from other sources. A proper Japanese meal consists of foods with different colors, a variety of textures, and several cooking methods.

Reference Recipe Books
I have several Japanese cookbooks that I like and refer to often.

Browse by Months or Categories
Check out all the posts and recipes from one big list!


7 thoughts on “Information ☆

    • Hello Ms. Shimbo,

      I should thank you! I love your recipes—some of them I make over and over again, which is why I have so many left to try.

      My apologies for not providing a link to your site from the beginning. I can’t think why I did not include it from the start.

  1. What a wonderful blog, Tess. I didn’t know you write about food till you mentioned recipes in the forum. I’m going to pop you onto my blogroll right now.

  2. Hi ellaella,
    I didn’t know that you write about food either! I’m always checking blogs on the wp forum (some are weird, are they not?) to answer questions. Somehow, I don’t click on the other volunteer’s names very often. So, I’m looking at your very interesting blog now. And I’ve popped you into my blogroll too!

    • Hi S-I!
      As I said, your detailed descriptions about cutting chicken for grilling on skewers are the best. BTW, I put you on my blog-roll so I keep up to date…

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