Essential Ingredients

The ingredients for Japanese cooking can be confusing, difficult to find, or mysterious if you live outside of Japan. But they are always interesting—even if you make a mistake!

Fruits and Nuts

ChestnutsChestnuts: Kuri ljoi




dried persimmonPersimmons: Kaki///

Sesame Seeds GomaToasting Sesame SeedsSesame Seeds: Goma////
Umeboshi Umeboshi

Grains and Beans

Japanese Cake FlourCake Flour////

panko6358.jpgPanko, Japanese bread crumbs 6361.jpgPanko: Japanese bread crumbs






Pork Flank Pork BellychashuPork Flank////


saikyo misosaikyo miso packagehaccho misohaccho miso package3 kinds of miso ..




Kikuruage Dried Cloud Ear MushroomsKikuruage Dried Cloud Ear MushroomsKikuruage Dried Cloud Ear MushroomsKikuruage Dried Cloud Ear MushroomsKikurage, Black Cloud Ear Mushrooms


Chuka Soba NoodlesChuka Soba Noodles: ramen noodles/

Gyoza Japanese PotstickersGyoza: Japanese Poststickers

Harusame Saifun Spring Rain NoodlesHarusame: Japanese Potato Starch Noodles Spring Rain

Mung Bean Noodles- ryokuto harusameMung Bean Noodles- ryokuto harusameMung Bean Noodles: ryokuto harusame (Chinese Style)/




Soba Noodles and PackageDried Soba NoodlesSoba: Dried

hand made soba noodlessoba dough ingredientsSoba: Homemade!

Somen NoodlesSomen Noodles

Udon NoodlesUdon NoodlesUdon Noodles Udon Noodles (flat)

Cooked Udon NoodlesUdon Noodles (round)

Instant Udon NoodlesInstant Udon Noodles////

Seasonings and Flavors

Japanese Mustard Powder

Japanese Mustard Powder: Karashi is the general word for mustard. Wa-garashi is the expression for Japanese mustard. Yo-garashi is its Western counterpart. It is sold in powdered form (konakarashi), and when you mix equal parts powder and water it becomes a paste (nerigarashi). Japanese mustard is hotter and has a slightly bitter taste. The paste looses pungency when it’s exposed to air, so be sure to keep it covered until ready to use. It is used as a condiment for oden, gyoza, simmered vegetable and meat dishes, and miso soup. It’s also used in dressings.

Tonkatsu SauceTonkatsu Sauce, best to make your own!

Sea Vegegtables

Agar-Agar: Kanten////

kombu packageKombu (Dried Kelp)////

Snacks, Sweets, Drinks

Japanese Sweet Red BeansJapanese Sweet Red BeansJapanese Sweet Red BeansSweet Red Beans: for mitsumame

Japanese Crab SnacksCrabs!/





Abura-Age Fried Thin TofuRinsing Abura-AgeAbura-Age Fried Thin Tofu Strips

Abura Age: fried thin bean curd. Find this in the refrigerator or freezer. Because these are oily, you have to rinse them and dip them in boiling water to get rid of the grease. These can be cut on one edge to make one large pocket or cut in the middle to make 2 small pockets which you can fill something tasty. You can also cut them into strips to add texture to soups.

Koya-dofu Freeze-Dried Package FrontKoya-dofu Freeze-Dried Package BackKoya-dofu Freeze-Dried Tofu

Koyadofu: freeze-dried tofu.


Baby Bamboo ShootsBaby Bamboo Shoots: Takenoko//////

dried bamboo shoots packageDried Bamboo///

Chinese Cabbage HakusaiChinese Cabbage HakusaiChinese Cabbage: Hakusai .




chrysanthemum leaves Shungkiku

(Edible) Chrysanthemum Leaves: Shungkiku , edible chrysanthemum leaves




Gai ChoyGai Choy/




Kabocha Squash Kabocha

Lotus Root RenkonLotus Root RenkonLotus Root Renkon Slices
Lotus Rood: Renkon (Lotus Root)





satsuma-imo sweet potatoSweet Potato: Satsuma Imo needs upload of smaller picture 3286///.




Taro Root Sato ImoTaro: Sato Imo tastes sort of like potato

Yama Imo Japanese Mountain YamYama Imo Japanese Mountain YamYama Imo (Mountain Yam)////


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  2. I am Japanese lived in the South for more than 10 years and loves grits. Your recipe of grits is very interesting. Living now in Japan and looking for grits, I found it sold at Foreign Buyers Club but they are soo expensive. I wish to seek your advise or information on how to find grits economically. Thank you in advance for your help. Regards,

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