Simmered Spinach and Fried Tofu

Horenso to Atsuage no NibitashiGreens! Mr. Tess loves greens and I’ve not been cooking them lately. This home-style Japanese recipe is a fine way to prepare a hearty healthy green side dish. Ms. Shimbo suggests using mustard greens rather than the more common spinach, and it certainly provides more flavor and texture. I think rainbow colored chard would be interesting to try as well.

Hearty Hot Udon

udon on chopsticksWhile I was making the dashi, I noticed how good it smelled when I added the katsuobushi (bonito flakes). It was the last of the package and I brought it over to Mr. Tess to smell the deliciousness still in the empty bag. He said it smelled fishy like the ocean. Funny, but to me it smelled smoky and rich and fresh. Dashi is a wonderful stock: in less than an hour, you can have a whole gallon of this magical stuff. It freezes well so you can have it always on hand.