Teriyaki Chicken-Asparagus Roll

Soak skewers in a tall bottle.This teriyaki chicken recipe is so good I made it twice in a row! By mostly ignoring the teriyaki sauce as it cooks, it becomes honey thick, and has a delicious caramelized complexity. The chicken-roll is sliced to reveal its pretty green center.


Japanese Sesame Beef

Japanese Sesame Stir-Fried BeefLike ginger? Like garlic? Like sesame? Like, where’s the beef?
Here is the beef; this is the Japanese recipe for you!
You’ll like how easy this dinner is to cook.
You’ll like how satisfied your tummy is when you finish eating.
And your family or guests will like you.
Your children and their childrens’ children (your grand-children, too)
will want to be a great cook,
just like you.

Tofu Salad with Miso Dressing

Tofu Salad with asparagusThis Japanese recipe is a method of cooking tofu that transforms the lowly soybean curd into a really delicious and satisfying meal. Though tofu-detractors will probably say, “It tastes like nothing,” they could well be won over by the crisp coating, firm texture, and flavorful marinade. it’s easy to assemble a salad fresh on a second day, and it’s easy to digest. Enjoy. See another classic Japanese tofu recipe here.