Make a Square Mold for Agar-Agar

Make a Square Agar-Agag MoldIf you like the way cubes of agar-agar look in a bowl, you may want to make a square dish just the right size for a batch (1 3/4 to 2 cups) of this cooling snack. Here is a picture of my mold being used. By making your own, you can have square corners. Of course you can use a square plastic food container or a small bread-pan.

Cooking Tip: Fat Separator

using a fat separatorBraising as a means of getting rid of fat works especially well if you let the food cool so the fat rises to the top, then chill it so the fat solidifies. This method takes time and requires planning ahead. What to do if you want to eat right away? Use a fat separator! This small piece of kitchen-ware is useful for fat-deletion of stews, braised dishes, gravies, and sauces from many cuisines.