Last Night of Passover: Japanese Cooking

Almond Fried Chicken Japanese StyleI don’t think that soy sauce is Kosher for Passover.
Most Japanese recipes wouldn’t work—rice (maybe if you think Sephardic), soy sauce and miso (fermented, so probably not), wakame (must be soaked)…
Because I’ve had some recent success with deep-frying, a recipe I made last summer came to mind; it was a pretty dish with chicken cubes, some coated with crushed peanuts and some with black sesame seeds. Because I didn’t make my usual almond macaroons this season, I decided to blanch and chop amonds to coat the chicken. And for the sauce, why not use some of the Patek’s Hot Mango Chutney that I used to make the Japanese chicken curry, and brighten the flavor with some fresh mangos. Let the spiciness take the place of the saltiness of soy sauce.