Corn Cream with Crab Soup
corn cream soup w crab_6152The winter sun-light, reflected by new white snow, makes harsh shadows on our grey and brown landscape. This amplification of the brightness is false. It’s neither warmer nor cheerier, a vision without substance.

I want the pleasant consolation of color! This pale yellow Japanese soup, with bright red and green accents and the tang of a summer sea, is a perfect recipe for this season.

Corn & Cabbage Buttered Miso Soup

The Japanese love corn:
on pizza, pasta, at McDonald’s, in gyoza, in soup, …so why not add it to miso soup?
As for cabbage in Japan, it is used in one of their most famous dishes: okonomiyaki, the cabbage-stuffed “as you like it” pizza.

Cabbage is also popular in soups, pickles, and as a side dish for deep-fried foods.

So why not enjoy it in miso soup?

Add a pat of butter, and you’ll experience sweetness and richness if only in a meal.

Corn Cream with Crab

Corn cream is comfort food in Japan, bringing memories of mom and happy meals at home. Mr. Tess was out of town when I made this soup last summer, so this was his first taste of the Japanese childhood treat. This version is a little bit grown-up because I used real crab rather than chicken or surimi. Something satisfying, sophisticated, and simple for lunch, dinner, or even guests.

Sweet Corn and Scallops Gyoza

Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it.
~~Russell Baker

This is a short respite from the sticky heat wave we’ve suffered for the last week or so. Nice cool dry air is coming in through the windows and I can hear birds fussing at each other. The cats are walking around, no longer imitating fur rags draped over the furniture. It’s so much easier to appreciate the gorgeous bounty of summer when I’m not ‘glowing.’
(sorry: “Horses sweat, men perspire, but women merely glow.”)

Corn in Japan

Sweet corn is popular on ramen, as corn ice cream, corn kit kats and other snacks, or part of a Mc Donald’s Happy Meal. Corn is sprinkled on almost any Western-influenced dish, especially Italian foods: spaghetti and pizza. At bakeries and convenience stores, you can buy corn korokke, or corn buns which cradle a generous ben of mayonnaise studded with corn. And don’t forget corn cream, a childhood comfort food.

Corn, Kewpie, and Shrimp Pizza

► This pizza exemplifies the combination of a familiar form treated with an unusual approach. Applying mayonnaise, and corn to pizza dough may sound unsettling, but give pizza a chance! (sorry John Lennon)
► The toppings include shrimp, fresh tomatoes, bacon, corn, onion, garlic, and a garnish of pretty parsley and a grid of Kewpie mayonnaise.
► But that’s not all; instead of regular tomato sauce, the base is aurora sauce, which is made from ketchup, mayo, tomato paste, chutney and spices.
►Very nice flavor, if a bit rich, but if you consider an American pizza with a ton of cheese and sausage, well one can’t call it health-food, but it is a bit more conservative.

Corn Cream Soup

Toumorokoshi no kurīmusūpu トウモロコシのクリームスープ Corn Cream Soup is a comfort food for many Japanese people who remember their mothers preparing it when they had a cold, felt down, or as a treat. Though the Portuguese introduced corn to Japan in the sixteenth century, it seems that this yohshoku dish became popular much later: Most of the recipes I found online use either canned corn or canned creamed corn and a bouillon cube. This soup is very easy to make (with an immersion blender), but Knorr has packaged a version where you have only to add water…

Maize Gelée

Maize Gelee Corn Kanten Corn agar-agar, korn kanten, maize gelée, creamy yellow jello… What was I thinking? Tomatoes have always been my highlight of summer, but suddenly I am attracted to corn. I was thinking about creamy corn soup, but cold, so the idea of a savory corn gelatin came to mind. It’s pretty, but it surprised me how sweet it was! I’ll have time to experiment with this recipe. Lots of possibilites: shoyu, miso, cheese, yogurt? Or go with dessert? vanilla…