Chicken in Coconut Sauce

Chicken CurryI’ve posted about Japanese curry, which came to that country in the nineteenth century by way of Britain whose empire once included India. This recipe is an Indian dish, not exactly a curry, but one with another interesting cross-cultural history. There are Jews in India, several different communities of them, and Claudia Roden has a chapter about them in her book, The Book of Jewish Food.

Stir-Fried Rice with Curry

Japanese Stir-Fried Curry RiceThis dish is easy enough to make after a day at work and it is delicious. It’s a fine example of Japanese home cooking flavored with the historical influences on the country over the past 150 years. This is the second curry recipe from my project-book and is much simpler. If you have sauce leftover from the recipe in the link above, add about 1/2 cup to this recipe for a richer flavor.

Encore Curry and Tofu

Japanese Curry and Tofu saladI took the curry for lunch at work on Tuesday, so there was not as much left as I’d hoped. But I cooked tofu in some of the left-over spicy garlic sauce and added it to the left-over greens and veg to make a nice quick dinner on Wednesday night. On busy days, I’m so glad that some Japanese foods are good a second time around.

Japanese Chicken Curry

Japanese curry ingredientsCurry was introduced to Japan in the late nineteenth century and quickly became popular, according to Ms. Shimbo. It was the English who brought curry dishes from their Indian colony; as a result, curries were seen as sophisticated Western food and were prepared by chefs who had mastered French cuisine. Japan has made curry its own: it is not very much like Indian curry. So here I am, a descendant of Finn-landers and living in the middle of the U.S. making Japanese curry!