Lamb Shanks, Japanese Style

japanese-lamb-shanks_3759Lamb shanks so tender you can eat them with a spoon make a noteworthy meal without requiring a lot of attention, only a block time for a slow braise. Because they can be prepared a day ahead, lamb shanks can be part of a dinner for guests even the hostess can enjoy. While lamb is not widely eaten in Japan, this recipe illustrates how well basic Japanese ingredients (sake, mirin, shoyu, miso), and Japanese cooking techniques can make this dinner unique but familiar enough to be comforting.

Cooking Tip: Fat Separator

using a fat separatorBraising as a means of getting rid of fat works especially well if you let the food cool so the fat rises to the top, then chill it so the fat solidifies. This method takes time and requires planning ahead. What to do if you want to eat right away? Use a fat separator! This small piece of kitchen-ware is useful for fat-deletion of stews, braised dishes, gravies, and sauces from many cuisines.