Shiso Watch 2012

While I have been studying Japanese cooking, shiso has become a significant summer flavor. It’s easy to grow, and has a role in lots of recipes. I think it will be of interest to see how well they grow over this season and what use I can make of the leaves.
I’ll add to this post as the plants grow.
In the meantime, click the thumbnails for links to recipes.

Blue Kisses in the Garden

Fritallaria_5794As I mentioned, the woodchuck is back. Because of him/her/them, last summer we harvested only some shiso, a few small tomatoes, and I made 5 pints of dilled green tomato pickles because… well, after all, “How much wood can a woodcuck chuck?” Not much apparently, though no end of tomatoes, chard, peas, amaranth, and even marigolds.