Gingered Pork
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This recipe is similar to one I’ve enjoyed often, but the method of preparing the thin slices of pork is ingenious. We’ve all heard about partially freezing meat to make it easier to slice thinly. In this recipe Ms. Shimbo has the cook use a mallet to pound pork cutlets thin. Pounding the meat means no need for knife skills!

I’ve made variations of this recipe, served with different vegetables, as donburi, as sandwiches, and they are all delicious! I even carried a bento with ginger pork on a plane to Florida—much tastier the the tiny packet of dry pretzels, though perhaps I’d advise leaving out the garlic…

Braised Pork and Chinese Cabbage

Butaniku to Hakusai no Kasane-ni.This rich dish, with pork loin, bacon, and chicken stock, is a Japanese casserole made on top of the stove. It’s especially appropriate for winter when you want warm and comforting food. Garlic and ginger complement the flavor of the cabbage which becomes sweet and juicy, while the fat from the bacon melts slowly and makes the broth silky smooth. For all its flavor and wonderful tenderness, this recipe is very easy to make.

Ginger-Flavored Pan-Fried Pork
 Buta no ShogayakiThis will become a weeknight stand-by recipe. Ms. Shimbo notes its versatility: flavors can be varied by adding garlic, mirin, seven-spice powder, mustard paste, toban jiang to the marinade. Because the pork is sliced very thin, the marinade time is only 2 minutes and the meat cooks in a flash. The bean sprouts and scallions are stir-fried quickly in a wok. The rice and miso soup took longer to cook!