Moroheiya Green Noodles

The last time I visited my favorite Ann Arbor Japanese grocery a display of pretty green and white packages of noodles caught my attention. The packages showed colorful vegetables and curly green noodles. “Deliciously Chewy!” proclaimed the top line, and near the bottom, “Ready in 2-3 minutes.” The noodles are made with leaves of the moroheiya plant, making them a “great source of fibers & vitamin A.” Unlike most instant noodles, these are not fried nor do they have added MSG.

Mr. Tess and Little Tess were home for lunch, and hungry. Usually lunch is a matter of foraging in the fridge, pantry, and breadbox but I was curious about these noodles. I added a lovely tomato, a half package of soft tofu, wakame, and sliced green onions to the soup.