Stay Cool with Summer Ramen
Every summer, I look forward to preparing this recipe of chilly noodles in a sweet-sour-salty sauce, topped with colorful seasonal vegetables and meats (or tofu). Summer brings such a variety of colors, textures, and flavors that one could eat this everyday without repeating the combination. It’s all a pretty party in your bowl! It’s easy-on-the-cook party-food, too: guests can choose their favorite fresh vegetables.

Summer Ramen: Hiyashi Chuka Soba If you are reading this, then it is very likely that someone has stolen (re-blogged) a post which I wrote, without permission. Plagiarism and violation of copyright are not welcome

Lucky lovely noodles, ramen the way I imagined they should be, (made by me, or you, with this recipe), and it’s summer, lovely and cool. Still. So I’ll share a meal with you, a dish to enjoy in warm weather: hyashi chuka soba. It’s exotic but so familiar in a sweet-sour-round broth, cool noodles topped with your favorite foods. Enjoy.

Playing with Food


If you read many cooking blogs, you’ve seen pictures of food that look as though the photographer were in a galley of a small boat in a violent storm. I imagine the plate sliding up one side, down, and over in the opposite direction; oh, my stomach is queasy. It’s possible that no one will enjoy that food before it slides off the plate! All for the sake of “~art~”

These chilled noodles were light and refreshing,
and I’m sure you will enjoy…
eating them, and
my forray into ~art~

Sesame Noodles: an old favorite

sesame-chuka-soba_6501This is a recipe I posted almost a year ago, but it’s one that deserves a second look. It is a delicious version of the very popular “sesame noodles” found in many U.S. restaurants and salad bars inside “fancy” food stores, on many food blogs, and from several different cultures. This version is light and spicy—a full meal with vegetables and protein of your choice.