New Honey Cake Recipe!
honey-cake_3626I always bake honey cakes for Rosh Hashanah from Joan Nathan’s book, The Jewish Holiday Kitchen. The first honey cake, I added cardamom. Mr. Tess noted it was not like his grandmother’s.
This year I tried a new recipe: lovely, light, not cloyingly sweet, and the spices shine, especially the cardamom which is reminiscent of my grandmother’s Finnish pulla bread. So that brings us full circle, one grandmother to another, most appropriate for the cycle of generations, seasons, and years celebrated during this holiday.

Shana Tova 5771!

https://1tess.wordpress.comL’ shana tova: Happy new year!
Challah and honey, sweet figs and apple, hopes for the new year…
Early this summer, I told myself that I would watch for the last firefly of the season.
About three weeks ago, I think I saw my last firefly, before the middle of August. But you know? I did not mark the event. At the time, I did not know it was the last one I’d look at; there certainly were others, but I didn’t see them. Since then bits of my life have intervened.

Honey Cake A Sweet and Happy New Year 5770! Shana Tova! It is Rosh Hashanah, and I had to make the honey cake I’ve made every year since 1979. It’s from Joan Nathan’s Jewish Holiday Kitchen. I wrote about this treasured book last Pesach (Passover), including recipes for almond macaroons and Egyptian haroset. The posts also…