Tori-nabe: Chicken Hot Pot

Tori-NabeSharing a large pot of chicken and vegetables cooked in broth at the table is entertaining, fun, and soul-warming. —Hiroko Shimbo
And so it’s true. You might ask why I’d make a hot pot meal for only me! Good question. I’ve not been cooking much since Mr. Tess and Miss Tralita flew off after the holidays. After eating a (small) bag of chocolates for dinner one evening, I’m hungry for real food again. This meal may be best enjoyed with company, but it’s satisfying and warm. And being a soup of sorts, it’s good for a second and third meal.

Tuna Hot-Pot two

Apple Brandy from NormandyThese past few weeks have been wonderful with having us all together: Mr. Tess suggested that this occasion was suitable to open the bottle of apple brandy we got in Normandy, in 1999.
In the autumn of 1998, we got a phone call from a man asking to speak to “Jack” (Mr. Tess’s father), who had died in 1972. The stranger was a paratrooper in Normandy on D-Day, as was “Jack.” The fellow had a picture from “Newsweek” magazine with a picture of “Jack” carrying an injured French boy—and he knew that boy, now grown up, who wanted to meet and thank “Jack.”

Neginma-nabe: Tuna and Leek Hot Pot

Negima Nabe Tuna and Leek Hot PotSouth East Michigan got 6″-7″ of snow the other day, and now the night-time temperatures are 0*F (or insignificantly better), with high winds. Miserable climate! One of my cats is desperate to go outside, moaning and clawing the carpet to get my attention. This weather is also making me claustrophobic. What better time, then, to have some nabemono? This Japanese hot pot meal is easy to make, delicious, and hearty.