Kewpie Mayonnaise
Needing no introduction, I present the queen of Japanese mayonnaise: Kewpie!
And yes,
– – – – – – – – – Kewpie is unique.
Mayo on okonomiyaki, takoyaki and yakisoba; with cooked vegetables, or mixed with soy sauce or wasabi for dips; condiment on hiyashi chuka
or on fried eggs; served with fried seafood dishes for dipping or with fried potatoes; mayonnaise as a pizza toping; mayo on bread (sandwiches) on pasta or rice or in onigiri; Kewpie with katsu (Tonkatsu: fried pork or chicken cutlet) or karaage (fried chicken); mayonnaise on sushi (maki rolls) or sashimi or on natto; mayo on cheeseburgers, dip dried shredded squid in Kewpie, Mayo margaritas