Stir-fried Liver and Garlic Chives

This Japanese Chinese-style recipe features Chinese chives and lovely tender calf’s liver which melts in your mouth with a salty-sweet gingery sauce.

The pretty green chives are sometimes called nira grass or garlic chives, and its Latin name, Allium tuberosum, means it is part of the onion family. It is a perennial plant which grows into clumps of flat straight leaves. Clusters of tiny white flowers appear at the end of summer on round stalks which rise above the clump. The flowers last well into autumn, providing a bright display in garden when many flowers are well past their prime.

Stir-Fried Chinese Chives and Liver

Nira-reba ItameNotice that the title of this recipe starts with the chives, rather than the liver? I imagine this will not become my most popular post. Many people do not care for organ meat. But have some amenability, and this recipe will be a revelation! The liver was luscious, tender and deeply flavorful. The ginger added just the right amount of heat, the sesame oil hummed a slightly exotic but comforting note, the chives were in key with a subtle garlic tone, and the sauce carried all the flavors in perfect harmony.