Black Sesame Seared Tuna

seared-tuna_8835My daughter is visiting again, and she loves tuna, so of course I had to make this unique seared tuna for her.
There are hundreds of recipes for seared tuna, ample evidence how popular Japanese food is in the U.S. But this recipe is special because it uses crushed black sesame seeds. The fish is marinated and coated with black sesame seeds, then flour, and finally quickly deep-fried.
The black and pink make a striking appearance, and the deep fried crisp coating makes a lovely contrast with the succulent tuna.

Sesame-Crusted Seared Tuna

Black-Sesame-Tuna_5827Recipes for seared tuna are very plentiful online: page after page, but this recipe is unique! The black sesame seeds for the coating are toasted and lightly crushed to release maximum flavor. They are added to the marinade to absorb even more flavor. The fish is coated with both the sesame seeds and a little flour, then deep-fried—a technique that ensures maximum crispness on the outside, and tender nearly uncooked tuna inside. Very luscious. You’ll note that my pictures to illustrate the recipe did not turn out well at all, and the good news is that I’ll have to make this dish again to show off how amazingly wonderful it is.