Scrolling Along

Connect with some of the recipes I’ve made recently. At la casa tess, we have enjoyed some good food and I hope that you will enjoy reading my posts, or even cooking some of the recipes.

Yakitori: Miso-Marinated Chicken Skewers

Yakitori chicken skewersMichigan has been quite cool for May so the cold loving daffodils and tulips have stayed fresh and pretty for a long time, and the sun makes me want to start summer grilling. Yakitori! Japanese food’s version of kebobs!

Kushiyaki is the general term for food grilled on a skewer: tofu, vegetables, seafood, or beef; all sorts of tasty tid-bits—I’ve even seen umeboshi stuffed with cheese! Yakitori is chicken on skewers. “Tori” refers to chicken (perhaps the general word for “bird?”). “Yaki” refers to the method of cooking: usually grilling or pan-frying (and sometimes to broil or bake).

Miso-Marinated Beef Steak

steak marinating in misoMiso was used in Japan to preserve fish and beef before refrigeration. According to Ms. Shimbo, Hikone (now Shiga Prefecture) during the Edo Era (1600-1868) was known for its excellent beef. To bring this top-quality beef to the Tokugawa shogunate (now Tokyo), the people of Hikone used miso as a preservative. Today, miso adds a delicious rich flavor to many foods and is popular in many Western dishes.