Shiso Pesto Miso Tomato Pasta

This summer,
I fell in love.


Biting into a warm garden tomato, fingers smelling of the vine, lips slurping to catch all of the sweet ripe freshness, is the essence of summer. The scent of summer has always been basil—even in mid-winter when the herb comes from half a world away, I can close my eyes, sniff a leaf and experience summer again.


Scallop Dengaku

dengaku-meal2_7480Mr. Tess bought shrimp and scallops for a pasta dish, but he did not use the scallops. They were beautiful large specimens, smelling of the sea, though only four. They were perfect for a small side dish for my lamb chop and corn on the cob dinner.

Scallop dengaku is an example of modern Japanese cooking mixing traditions with principles and flavors of European cooking. In this case, a gratin technique: the scallops are baked and not grilled on skewers.