Sweet Miso Soup with Udon

Miso soup is simple, a blank palette, which can be transformed with the addition of extra ingredients. When choosing the gu for your miso, think about contrasting colors, whether ingredients float or sink, strong flavors and bland; think about seasonal ingredients; most important: please your palate!

味噌汁 Miso Soup by Mr. Tess

Miso soup is a traditional Japanese soup based on dashi stock mixed with softened miso paste.
Good for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, miso soup is a comfort food.

This post has lots of information about making dashi and about miso as an ingredient.

Mr. Tess often cooks, but rarely cooks Japanese foods. We, neither of us, were feeling great. I suggested miso soup with salmon (which was in the freezer—neither of us wanting to go to the store). So I gave him some instructions and had a nap while he produced a lovely meal.


tenobe dango jiru
Hand stretched wheat dumplings (noodles) are a speciality of Oita Provence in Japan, usually served in an iriko dashi based soup flavored with miso and vegetables. These noodles are also popular in Hawaii: the first time I made this dish was as a test for The Asian Grandmothers Cookbook. The dumplings were quite thick noodles, similar to the savory mochi (rice-flour) dumplings sometimes added to soups all over Japan. Looking at pictures online, it seems the “dumplings” in Oita are thinner and more like noodles.
We’ve all seen those Chinese master noodle chefs (perhaps only on YouTube) pulling long strands of lamian from a lump of dough: great entertainment and a real mystery about how it can be done without breaking the strands!

Eat-a-Lot-Wakame Soup


Wakame-healthy sea vegetable soup, full of vitamins and minerals, is a restorative for a lack of sleep, headache, or upset tum. The end of summer starts with glowing yellow leaves, the energetic blooms of purple asters, white Chinese chives, autumn clematis shimmering with bees. I keep the windows open to the prolific chorus of frogs and insects though we need an extra blanket on the bed…

Spinach and Miso Soup

https://1tess.wordpress.com This is not a traditional miso soup! Ms. Shimbo was experimenting to produce a creamy miso soup that did not separate. The bright green color is astonishing; somehow it is brighter and more saturated than spinach in its natural state. You will notice that I used cherry-blossom shaped fu, rather than the croutons recommended…

Seafood Miso Soup

Miso Soup with SeafoodThis is my favorite miso soup. It’s the holiday season, and my daughter is visiting. Miso soup with salmon or shrimp is delicious, but add lobster and it becomes soup for a celebration!
Ms. Shimbo points out that this expensive soup “goes against the conception of miso soup as an everyday food for every person.”
Though this soup is suitable for a special occasion, it’s easy to make so you’ll have plenty to energy for other festivities beyond the table.
Oh happy new year to all!