King Mushrooms with Black Sesame Somen
The Japanese grocery had fresh firm king trumpet mushrooms, a magnificent seven inches long. What luscious things I could do with those! They needed something smooth and rich, but a little risqué—a little salty, a bit unfamiliar—like a glaze of soy sauce and butter.

Gyuniku, Gobo, Porucini Gohan

Rice with Beef and MushroomsOOO, steak! This week is unusual because while I’m not a huge fan of beef, I’ve made (and enjoyed) several beef recipes! Back to beef: my mom often made 1 pound of beef feed six people. It was usually ground beef and meatloaf, or spaghetti sauce. If we ate “steak” it was something called “Swiss Steak,” which I remember being slices of inexpensive bottom round, drowned and boiled in tomato sauce until they were fibrous and flavorless.

Sautéed Mushrooms

Japanese Sauteed MushroomsIn the fridge was a package of baby bella mushrooms. When I’m grocery shopping the beautiful displays of fruits and vegetables inspire me to over imagine what I’ll cook. The mushrooms were fresh and firm, full of promise though I had no recipe in mind. They were on sale. That was a week ago, and they were still in the fridge. Though the following recipe calls for using a variety of mushrooms, it was very nice with only the one kind.