Tori Zosui: Rice Consommé with Chicken

Tori Zosui Japanese Rice SoupRice congee is rice porridge eaten in many Asian countries where rice is the major grain. It was a poor man’s dish meant to make a little rice go a long way by adding liquid and vegetables, though in many cultures it has become a comfort food. There are three variations in Japan: okayu (お粥), ojiya (おじや), and zosui (雑炊). For zosui the rice is washed to remove the surface starch before adding it to the broth, resulting in a clean and light texture. Zosui is traditionally bland, made with dashi, rice, some vegetables, and sometimes tofu, or a little chicken or seafood. In this recipe, black pepper, Layu, mitsuba, and chopped peanuts are condiments.