Last Night of Passover 2009

Last night of Passover, last chance to enjoy the bargain chicken, last year we ate chicken fried with an almond crust. This was a recipe of my own, inspired by a one in my Japanese cooking-project book: a pretty dish with fried chicken cubes, some coated with crushed peanuts and some with black sesame seeds.…

Chicken in Coconut Sauce

Chicken CurryI’ve posted about Japanese curry, which came to that country in the nineteenth century by way of Britain whose empire once included India. This recipe is an Indian dish, not exactly a curry, but one with another interesting cross-cultural history. There are Jews in India, several different communities of them, and Claudia Roden has a chapter about them in her book, The Book of Jewish Food.

Egyptian Haroset

Passover is celebrated to commemorate of the Exodus of the Jews from Egypt. The story is told during the sedar meal on the first and second nights of the eight day Passover holiday. The haroset on the sedar plate symbolizes the mortar used by Hebrew slaves in Egypt to build the pyramids. The plate has…

Joan Nathan The Jewish Holiday Kitchen

The Jewish Holiday KitchenJoan Nathan in 1979The almond macaroons I make every year for Passover are from a recipe in a book published in 1979 by Schocken Books, called The Jewish Holiday Kitchen, by Joan Nathan. I must have purchased it from the original Border’s Books in Ann Arbor—long before they became a chain bookseller. Can it be that I’ve had the book for 29 years! The pictures prove it, though: notice all the stains!