Arirang: Korean Restaurant

Our daughter came to visit to collect some of the things we’ve kept while she was in Spain. She spent a few days looking at things she hadn’t seen in four years, deciding what she needed. She went for walks with her dad and Grandpa, visited friends, and cooked with me. We went to a nice Korean restaurant together before she left for California.

Eating Out in Canton

matsuchan_8770When the daughter visited in the summer, we drove to Canton to eat at a Japanese noodle restaurant which I had been impressed with a couple of years ago. It was my fault—surfing on-line, working on the blog, and then insisting on a shower—that we arrived at the restaurant at a quarter past 2. They had just closed.
So the daughter is visiting now, and it seemed an opportunity to visit Matsuchan. Mr. J was home so he drove. As we turned out of the driveway, one of us said, “Should we call to be sure they are open?” But we laughed and said it was only 12:30 and we’d get there in plenty of time. We didn’t take into account that it was Monday.

USS Nemo: a restaurant review

USS Nemo Restaurant Naples, Florida
Mr. Tess wanted to take me to a nice restaurant when I arrived in Naples, Florida. The USS Nemo (3745 Tamiami Trail North, Naples, Phone: 239-261-6366) was recommended by a woman at the front desk at our hotel: an excellent choice—wonderful food, an unusual mix of fresh Florida seafood, Japanese, and Indian cuisine, and interesting submarine/undersea decor.