Sesame Seed Senbei

I came across this senbei recipe while wandering around the internet, looking at Japanese food blogs at 3 a.m. There are many things that seem like great ideas at that time of night, but which seem foolish in the light of day; these crackers are really are good anytime.

These crackers are nice and healthy eaten plain. But they’d be great with a tangy feta, cream cheese and olives, or one of these dips I’ve posted about: Bright Green Edamame Dip or Soybean Hummus.

Senbei: Japanese Crackers, version 2

Senbei Japanese Rice CrackersIn my previous post, I presented a recipe for Japanese rice crackers that could be cooked in three different ways. I divided the dough so I could try all three variations. Deep-fried, the crackers are more like doughnuts. Glazed, they are very pretty and have a nice salty sweet flavor.