Mushroom Lasagna

Several years ago, I made a special lasagne. I’d just discovered lasagne made with béchemel sauce rather than pounds of gooey cheese. Mushrooms were on sale so I was inspired to create a memorable meal. Over the years, we’ve said to each other, “Remember that mushroom lasagne!” and smile fondly. But the recipe was misplaced…
This is not that recipe, but it is deliciously extravagant with mushroom delight.

Simmered Shiitake
This is a traditional way of cooking dried shiitake. They can be served with other simmered vegetables, sliced to use as a noodle topping, or minced with shiso or parsley and tossed with rice and toasted white sesame seeds. You can make these mushrooms a pantry-staple; they freeze well, and they add a nice flavor and texture to many other dishes.

Scrolling Along

Connect with some of the recipes I’ve made recently. At la casa tess, we have enjoyed some good food and I hope that you will enjoy reading my posts, or even cooking some of the recipes.

Chilled Somen with Mushrooms

Chilled Somen with MushroomsThe recipes I’ve posted for the last couple of weeks have been made with food from my pantry and freezer. I found a flank steak in the freezer, so searched for a Japanese recipe I haven’t tried yet. I found one in a book I’ve had for 25 years (but barely used), and began to think about what to serve with it. As I was flipping randomly to other recipes in her book, I saw today’s recipe in the “rice and noodles” chapter using hoshi shiitake no umani from my freezer.

Japanese Sesame Beef

Japanese Sesame Stir-Fried BeefLike ginger? Like garlic? Like sesame? Like, where’s the beef?
Here is the beef; this is the Japanese recipe for you!
You’ll like how easy this dinner is to cook.
You’ll like how satisfied your tummy is when you finish eating.
And your family or guests will like you.
Your children and their childrens’ children (your grand-children, too)
will want to be a great cook,
just like you.