Japanese Spareribs


Serve this casual meal to family or close friends: it involves messy eating-with-your-fingers. The pork ribs are so tender that using a knife and fork would be silly. Of course you know how much fun it is to slip an edamame pod between your teeth to extract the tasty peas…

Braised Spareribs, Japanese Style


We had a real piggy dinner. A good Japanese house-wife would never make such a dinner: no variety of colors, similar cooking methods, and pork and pork.

I’d planned to make buta no kakuni but when it thawed, it looked very small: not enough for a dinner. My freezer is getting empty but it’s still got surprises… I have no idea why I froze 6 spare ribs, but there they were.

Rib recipe today, belly recipe tomorrow…

Braised Ribs

Japanese-Style Braised SpareribsMs. Shimbo notes that spareribs are not traditionally Japanese, but she includes this recipe in her book which uses a traditional Japanese braising liquid (sake, shoyu, and komezu). She advises that the ribs can be cooked in the morning and reheated at dinner-time for a denser sauce. Because there are only the two of us in Chez Tess, we had the opportunity to eat these a second time. The sauce did not really become “denser,” but the flavors blended; and they did, indeed, taste great the second time around.