Shira-ae: Dressed in White

Shira Ae Sesame Tofu DressingIt’s interesting to travel the world by way of dinner. Last evening included an array of dishes from eastern Europe, Greece, and Japan. And like any trip where you plan too many activities in a very short time, the experience was perhaps odd. We ate a Japanese salad with a creamy sesame-tofu dressing. I really liked the cheerful freshness of the fruit, though it’s hidden under the dressing in the pictures.

Recipe Test: Hobak Namul

eggplant zucchini and carrotPat, over at The Asian Grandmothers’ Cookbook is namul vegetableslooking for people interested in testing recipes. She says about her upcoming book, “The Asian Grandmothers Cookbook will be a compilation of family and homecooking recipes from across the Asian smorgasbord, the idea being that grandmothers are the closest link we have to our cultures and traditions.” If this sounds like fun to you let her know.