Taco Tips: Oysters and Avocados

I made fish tacos: not Japanese food, but I’m sure they would love them!
In this post, I discuss how to choose a ripe avocado, a convenient way to use oysters, using panko crumbs to make a fine crisp coat for the seafood, the joys of cilantro and corn tortillas…

Skewered Scallops

Scallops are fast food!

These sweet, succulent, toothsome tidbits smelling of the ocean are too delicious to eat only on special occasions.

Scallops are fast food. If you cook them too long they will become rubbery and inedible.

Bay scallops must be very fast. Smaller bay scallops are usually quickly cooked in a fast stir-fry, or in a sauce for pasta, or in a soup.

This recipe is unusual in that the little scallops are skewered, sauced, and broiled.

The scallops are fine served at room temperature so would make a nice appetizer or snack with drinks.