Kimchi, Soba, and Pesto

My recent casual but frequent abuse use of umeboshi, the sour salty pickled plums loved in Japan, set in motion a series of meals involving kimchi and fresh Korean soba noodles. Little Tess went to the Galleria to pick up some more umeboshi for me and saw that they were selling the same brand of fresh soba she loved in California. Like any good shopper who doesn’t stick to her list she fell for a container of kimchi which she’d been craving.

Umeboshi Stuffed Chicken Breasts

Vacation: Fourth of July!! Grilling, and pool, and family party time! mmmmm…: chicken breast rolls filled with umeboshi and shiso. Sounds very exotic, but everyone loves this recipe.

Many thanks to my brother and sister-in-law for inviting us to their beautiful home in Missouri. They had to put in a few appearances at work, we prepared food for dinner. My brother has a “secret” grilling technique for indirect heat on a Weber kettle grill: perfect for this recipe. He covers the charcoal with a cheap pizza pan punched with holes so the heat of the grill is tempered.

Variation of Chicken with Umeboshi
We enjoyed the sasami no ume-shiso so much that I wanted to make them again, but with a less fussy method. This time I began with skinless, boneless chicken breasts rather than the fillets. I had some discussion with one of my readers and thought about making the dish as chicken rolls which could be sliced after grilling them. Slicing the rolls reveals the pretty spiral design which looks like you spent all day in the kitchen. Give it a try: it’s a great way to share with a crowd.