Senbei: Japanese Crackers, version 2

In my previous post, I presented a recipe for Japanese rice crackers that could be cooked in three different ways. I divided the dough so I could try all three variations. Yesterday’s portion of the recipe was simply baked, and the dough puffed a bit to became crispy on the outside, while inside the texture became chewy—almost like mochi. Quite pleasant, though a bit too sweet to eat with the hummus. The crispy rice crackers from my project book would have been better.

Senbei Japanese Rice Crackers

Today, I deep-fried half of the remaining dough. I rolled the portion of dough to the recommended 1/2″ thickness this time, and cut circles as before. The deep-frying did indeed produce a very different result. The “biscuits” were somewhat like doughnuts with a crispy crust and an almost cake-like interior. Very nice to eat with a cup of tea. Not so nice once they are cold.

Senbei Japanese Rice CrackersSenbei Japanese Rice Crackers

I rolled the remaining third of the dough a bit thicker than the first time, baked the crackers, and applied the soy and sugar glaze. They are very pretty with a nice sweet and salty flavor. The next day, they became as hard as rocks and I ended up throwing them out. I might have left them to dry too long.

Glazed Senbei

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