(Japanese) Pan-Fried Chicken, Part 3


A delicious dinner calls for an encore! This chicken, marinated in a traditional Japapanese combination of sesame and soy has a sweet and spicy spark of honey and pepper. As inspiring as the flavors of this dish are, it also proves to be a recipe which allows for much diversity: no one wants to eat the same meal day after day!

plain Chinese noodles made with eggs and wheat flour

The original recipe, tori no usugiri-yaki, is thinly sliced chicken which is pan-fried after being briefly marinated. The thin slices of chicken cook very fast, but one must spend some kitchen-time with a knife. All’s well if one has the skill—those in need of more practice (ok: that would be me) will find this a forgiving dish experiment with. For me, the best part of this recipe is the sauce, so allow time to fully cook the marinade.

blanch half a sweet red pepper and the sugar snap peas; slice chicken & cut vegetables bite-sized

Here is an alternative method if you don’t have the luxury of time to spend in the kitchen, or if you want to prepare more than a few servings of this chicken, try marinating it while you go about other business, then bake it in the marinade. Voila! Cooked cold chicken is easy to slice thin, and the marinade is cooked and safe to eat right out of the oven.

boil noodles, cool, combine with sesame sauce; arrange chicken & veg over noodles

Either way, delicious! And if you’ve made extra, you can make sandwiches or a refreshing summer salad. My favorite is to use the sauce to flavor Chinese noodles and top them with slices of chicken, sweet red peppers, and green sugar snap peas.


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