Chestnut Yanggaeng: Korean Candy

The little Korean grocery store (Hyundai Asian Market) where I often shop, has a full aisle stocked with mysterious snacks and sweets.
This candy caught my eye because the package reminded me of a lacquered box filled with treasure. The chestnuts, just visible through the window on the front, seemed to glow through dark amber.
This is a sophisticated confection: the flavor of the red beans shines, and the chestnuts retain their distinct texture and taste. It is a lovely treat to serve with tea or ice cream.


Sweetened azuki bean paste is widely used in a variety of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean sweets: in bread or pastry fillings, sweet soups, pancakes, crepes, ice cream, and candy. Its flavor is complimented by milk, cream, green tea, chocolate, and in this case, candied chestnuts.


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